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Power System Analysis

EE-303 Signal and Systems

Textbook:   Signals and Systems, Ziemer, Tranter, Fannin, 4th Ed. Prentice Hall
Reference:  Analog and Digital Signal Processing, Ashok Ambardar, PWS Publishing Co.
Instructor:  Hadi Saadat

MATLAB Student Version (Mathworks)
Companion products for MATLAB Student Version are available for purchase at The MathWorks Web site.   

Download the text software
Download Review for test #1
Download Review for test #2

Download Lecture notes for EE303 by H. Saadat Download MATLAB M-file for lecture notes

The above lecture notes contains the following pdf files
Chs1-1.pdf    Signal & Systems Introduction (pp.1-5)
Chs1-2.pdf    Signal Types (pp.6-22)
Chs1-3.pdf    Operation on signals (pp.23-28)
Chs1-4.pdf    Sinusoidal signals and phasors (pp.29-35)
Chs1-5.pdf    Special signals (pp.36-45)
Chs1-6.pdf    Energy and Power Signals (pp.46-50)
Chs2-1.pdf    Systems (pp.51-59)
Chs2-2.pdf    Convolution (pp.60-103)
Chs2-3.pdf    Simulation (Intro. to SIMULINK) (pp.102-135)
Chs3-1.pdf    Fourier Series (pp.136-185)
Chs4-1.pdf    Fourier Transform (pp.186-247)
Chs4-2.pdf    Introduction to Filters (pp.248-274)
Chs8-1.pdf    Sampling  (pp.275-297  02/11/99)
Chs10-1.pdf  Introduction to Discrete Fourier Transform (pp.298-313)

Check out for some animated signals and systems demonstration form John Hopkins University Demonstration
For sound you may need to download RealPlayer

Filter Design:  DCP Teaching Tools at Rice University

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