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Power System Analysis

EE-340 Laboratory 
Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Hadi Saadat

Instructor: Hadi Saadat

Download Laboratory Manual (EE340LabManual.EXE) (Last updated 12/15/03)

The above self-extracting installation file contains laboratory safety rules, instructions for formal reports, and Experiments 1-9 in Microsoft Word format.  The above Laboratory Manual is for the use of MSOE students for EE-340 course. For installing these files please obtain the password from your instructor.

MATLAB M-files are written for some experiments to help you obtain the motor characteristics and some required plots.  Download these from Table below.

In addition I have developed two graphical user interface programs for transformer and induction motor analyses.  These files are on the MSOE warp network.  For transformer analysis and tests type transformer at the MATLAB prompt. To obtain the Induction Motor performance characteristics type inductionmotor at the MATLAB prompt. You may install this GUI program in your computer. To obtain this program go to MATLAB GUI for EE and download the self-extracting installation file EE340GUIFiles.EXE. After downloading this file double click on the file to install the programs in a directory of your choice. Use MATLAB Path Browser to add this directory to the MATLAB path.

Laboratory Schedule



View & Download (pdf)


  Laboratory Safety Rules, Laboratory Procedure and Report Procedure & Reports.pdf  
1 Basics of Programmable Controllers Part I EE-340Exp1.pdf
2 Basics of Programmable Controllers Part II EE-340Exp2.pdf
3 Single-Phase Transformers EE-340Exp3.pdf transformer
4 Three-Phase Transformers EE-340Exp4.pdf
5 Magnetization Curve of a DC Generator EE-340Exp5.pdf EE340Lab5.m
6 DC Generator Load Characteristics EE-340Exp6.pdf EE340Lab6.m
7 DC Motor Load Characteristics EE-340Exp7.pdf EE340Lab7.m
8 Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Characteristics EE-340Exp8.pdf inductionmotor - Rotfield.m -
9 Wound Rotor Induction Motor Characteristics EE-340Exp9.pdf EE340Lab9.m
10 Review  

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