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Introduction to MATLAB and SIMULINK

MATLAB is a high-performance, interactive numeric computation and visualization environment that combines the advantages of hundreds of packaged advanced math and graphics functions with high-level language. Because the flexible MATLAB language is matrix-oriented, it is the natural language for technical problem solving, allowing you to customize and extend MATLAB and add new functions as needed. MATLAB handles numerical calculations and high-quality graphics, provides a convenient interface to built-in state-of-the-art subroutine libraries, and incorporates a high-level programming language. MATLAB is the natural environment for analysis, algorithm prototyping, and application development. MATLAB is now the international standard for high level mathematical computing. Industry and academia worldwide are utilizing the powerful features that MATLAB offers in a wide range of application areas.

I have included a PDF file on a brief introduction to MATLAB and SIMULINK. You can view this file on Acrobat.  A folder containing M-file examples is also available for download.   
bullet1 Download Intro2MatlabCh1.pdf  and Intro2MatlabCh2.pdf

bullet1 Download M-files for the Chapters 1 and 2 Examples

For more information try the Mathworks web site. They have an extensive collection of technical notes and questions with answers in their Technical Support database.

bullet1 Mathtools - Technical computing portal for scientific and engineering software. It contains complementary products for MATLAB, like MIDEVA (fast MATLAB replacement), MATCOM (Compiler for MATLAB), Visual MATCOM (integrate m-files into Visual C++), Excel/Java/Fortran/C++ resources and links.
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