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Power System Analysis


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Matlab and Demos
bullet1 Mathworks Home Page
bullet1 Matlab Tutorial for control design
bullet1 Demonstrations of Signals, Systems and Control
bullet1  - Complementary products for MATLAB, like MIDEVA (fast
MATLAB replacement), MATCOM (Compiler for MATLAB), Visual MATCOM (integrate
m-files into Visual C++) and others, all available for download.
bullet1 - Free scientific portal for MATLAB/MIDEVA m-files and
toolboxes, and Excel/Java/Fortran/C++ resources and links. 
bullet1 Indiana University Stat/Math Center MATLAB Resources Page Locally produced MATLAB tutorial and a large collection of web links.
bullet1 MATLAB links by Dr. David Gilliam at Texas Tech Intro to MATLAB tutorial, Differential Equations tutorial, and other links.
bullet1 RiceInfo MATLAB Tutorial An older web-based introduction to MATLAB at Rice University.
bullet1 MATLAB Tutorial at the University of Michigan.
bullet1 MATLAB Tutorial at the University of New Hampshire.
bullet1 MATLAB Courses Courses in partial differential equations and computational methods by Jeffery Cooper at the University of Maryland.
bullet1 Computational Programming and Visualization from San Diego State University.
bullet1 Kyle Dippery's MATLAB Tutorial (in postscript form)

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